Van Oosterij

We Are Van Oosterij
We Offer Diverse Service

Transporting, Delivery, Group Buying, etc.


Transfer Service

To Schiphol Or Go Travel

We can bring you to anywhere in NL

With years of experiences, we make your trip effortless no matter going to catch a early flight in Schiphol or on a trip to Geithoorn. Always on time!


Delivery Service

Package Or Takeaway

We help you to make your client happy!

We can help with package delivery within NL. If you are a restaurant located arount Amsterdam, we can also help with takeaway delivery. Still, on time!


Tropical Fruit Buying

Want Some Tropical Taste?

We offer group buying on different tropical fruits.

Dragon Fruit, Papayas, Mangoes, Durian Fruit, Lychee Fruit, Pineapple, Star Fruit, Mangosteen, Rambutans, Jackfruit, etc.


Contact Us

Address. Radioweg 2-6,kammer1.14A

                 1324KW Almere NL

Kvk Nr.    85841110

BTW Nr.   NL004155149B45

Tel.            06 44 68 34 05